23 aprile 2014
Heart green Compact Ready Aroma Multigrill New Chill



HEART: combination ovens with boiler and direct steam
Heart is designed for today’s dynamic catering world. It is an oven that can be exploited at 100% performance level, combining automatic cooking, manual cooking and the chef’s own personalized programs. An oven like no other. The creativeness of manual cooking, the simplicity of automatic cooking plus superbly practical programs and favourites are finally combined in a single oven.

LINEA SMART: Combi and Convection ovens
For the new SMART line Lainox has drawn from its depth of experience in the field of professional ovens to create a range that is full of innovative and intelligent solutions, where technology is at the service of those that work in the kitchen. Ease of use, sure cooking results, consumption efficiency, and total reliability: every aspect has been studied in depth and the correct solution has been found.

In the new SMART line every performance is useful, every characteristic is easy to use and every component is reliable. Even the design is not an end in itself, but the result of functionality, every detail about its shape was defined to create a practical and solid oven, made to last through the years.

In order to satisfy every specific request, the SMART line has Misti, Compact, and Convex ranges, corresponding to many catering stiles and ways of living professional cooking between tradition and innovation.

AROMA: ovens for Confectionery / Bakery
Aroma expands and enhances traditional methods of convection cooking with the possibility of making bread and cakes.
With Aroma, Lainox facilitates the work of professionals in confectionery/bakery, keeping the quality and genuineness of foods unaltered for a healthier and more natural nutrition. A clear constructive philosophy that has made and makes of research and innovation its cardinal points.

MULTIGRILL: special accessories
MultiGrill is the Lainox range of new kitchen tools, for use with “Heart” combi steamers, to handle all types of cooking demands – for grilling, frying, roasting, baking and more. These tools will further expand the production potential of your oven. MultiGrill is an idea by Lainox, the company that gives top priority to finding the most efficient solutions to your working requirements.

THE HOT: regenerating and holding equipments
The Lainox - The Hot – systems allow you to reheat any dish to the desired temperature, in an ideal climate, and to hold it at the right temperature until it is served. With The Hot system you can keep food in a “freshly cooked” state for long periods without having to continuously check on it, or bring any plate, pan, tray or dish up to temperature in a natural way.

NEW CHILL:  blast chillers - shock Freezers
A link in the food cooking and preservation chain thanks to its high installed chilling power and adequate ventilation, New Chill blast-chills the product’s temperature and blocks the proliferation of bacteria while preventing wasting its humidity, thus keeping its organoleptic properties unaltered.