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A tailor-made service

CAM is the Customer Added Value Management system, which we use to help large chains to be more competitive in the market through analysis, design and support in the customer’s operational activities.

The added value we give our customers


Reduce operating costs


Standardize quality


Guarantee product safety and hygiene


Monitor and compile statistics


Increase competitiveness


Increase profitability


Increase sales

A dedicated consultant....

Standardize quality

The CAM system allows us to guarantee standardised quality on multiple machines installed in different locations around the world.

Guarantee safety and hygiene

We provide standardised procedures which allow uniform cleaning and maintenance on all devices. We also provide an HACCP service on the cloud.

Reducing running costs

The use of the same device throughout the chain, standardisation of recipes and procedures and lastly, the development of the dedicated Nabook application allow running costs to be cut.

Increasing competitiveness and profitability

Our dedicated devices allow your business to become more competitive, profitable and increase in revenue thanks to the constant monitoring and possibility to compile statistics.

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