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LAINOX Chef Bulletin #1

New Naboo 10.15 SW


In the last few weeks, we have released the new 10.15 SW. In order to access all the functions in this latest release, you only need to connect Naboo to the Lainox Cloud and download the update. Alternatively, you can always update using a USB key. 

 The latest features are summarized below: 

  • We have made browsing more fluid for the horizontal versions of Compact Naboo.
  • We have improved energy efficiency even more through smart boiler heating control. This function also increases the intervals between CalOut requests.
  • We have added a command that allows you to eliminate all the icons (Recipes, Multilevels and Folders) in My Display in order to make it easier to customise your Naboo. The original recipes are still available in My Naboo.
  • We have improved data transmission speed between Naboo and Nabook, especially for consumption.
  • We have added a new function called “Nabook is Master”. This free function was developed in particular with chains in mind, including shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. It gives you the possibility of managing the implementation and changeover of recipes using only Nabook, and not by using Naboo as well, which occurs in the standard version. This function is configured by a technician via the service menu.
  • We have added an automatic profile block function in an effort to standardise the work of large chains even further. With this function, if a manager decides to temporarily remove it, but forgets to re-enter it, Naboo automatically reinstalls a block after a pre-set time. 
  • Correction of some Naboo text and a few other minor functions.



Nabook release


In addition to the release of the new Naboo 10.15 SW, we have also made some improvements to our Nabook website portal, which everyone can register for free using the Nabook.Cloud Link. The improvements include: 

  • We have added Portuguese to the portal 
  • We have added Turkish to Nabook and recipes 

Focus on Profile Block


What is Profile Block? 

From the beginning, Naboo has made it possible to configure profile blocks for all its customers. These blocks limit or prevent kitchen staff from modifying the recipes entered by a manager. These blocks can only be disabled by entering the password set by a manager. 

Here is a brief overview of this function. 

The Profile Blocks can easily be accessed by anyone from the Naboo settings. Once you have accessed the settings, just click on the padlock to access all the different Profile Block presents. 

Naboo allows you to set three different blocks: 

  1. Profile Block: stops users from creating new recipes, accessing the cloud, and using the manual cooking cycle. The user, therefore, can follow and use the recipes and set and run the washing cycle.
  2. Profile Block + manual cooking: stops users from creating new recipes and accessing the cloud, but allows them to use manual cooking and run the washing cycle. The user, therefore, must work with pre-installed recipes or with manual cooking, without being able to make changes.
  3. Full Profile Block: stops users from creating new recipes, accessing the cloud, and using the manual cooking cycle or even skipping the pre-heating step in recipes. The user, therefore, must always follow the pre-installed recipes exactly, but can run the washing cycle.

Once you have decided which block to set, all you need to do is select it. Naboo will ask you to enter a personal password that will be required in the future to remove the block you have programmed in Naboo.