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Compact by Naboo

A miniature kitchen that takes up only 51 cm of space, but is literally packed with technology specific to cooking. It’s the perfect solution for preparing a dish of any kind.

It’s no secret that the catering market is changing fast. The number of traditional restaurants is decreasing by the minute, while bars and diners that serve every type of meal, from an early breakfast, to your evening cocktail, a quick lunch or a gourmet dinner, are popping up everywhere, often with super small or virtually non-existent kitchens. “Having noticed this trend, we thought these bars would appreciate the option of installing a 51 cm kitchen,” explains Marco Ferroni, executive director of Lainox Ali. This is the idea behind Compact by Naboo, the latest model in the line of professional cooking appliances manufactured by Lainox Ali. Only 51 cm wide, Compact by Naboo combines the functions of a host of traditional kitchen appliances: kettle, grill, fryer, microwave, hob, and toaster.

With one appliance you can prepare anything from a pasta dish, to grilled, fried or roast meat and fish, to steam cooked foods, juggling them with incredible ease. What’s more, thanks to the Multilevel function, Compact by Naboo can simultaneously cook different products, each with its own cooking time, and with an electronic system that instantly tells you when the meal is ready. In other words, you can grill a steak while you bake a pizza, fry potatoes, or bake lasagna.


Compact by Naboo helps you save on valuable space, but also cuts down on the energy bill. The equipment you normally find behind the counter of a bar consumes a lot of energy, because in order to serve customers quickly, they are kept on all the time. “We estimate that customers who decide to use Compact by Naboo can save up to 60% on power”, says Ferroni. Easy to use, Compact by Naboo has a simple and user-friendly touchscreen display. You just choose the right cooking time for a recipe with a touch of a screen. Compact by Naboo also offers considerable marketing advantages. Its multiple functions allow bar managers to offer a more upscale and diverse menu.

“We are confident that Compact by Naboo will help those bars and diners that staff more barmen than chefs achieve excellent results”, concludes Ferroni.

Lainox Ali is officially part of the Ali Group, one of the leaders in the global catering equipment market, which incorporates 76 companies, with a total 10,000 employees in 33 countries. Each branch is independent and encouraged to freely develop its business and nourish an entrepreneurial spirit.

For what type of bars was the Compact by Naboo designed?

For those that have limited space in the kitchen. If we look at the Italian market in particular, Compact by Naboo is designed to cater to bars, bistros, and wine bars. It is the ideal solution for those who want to prepare professionally cooked meals, but who do not have the option of installing a full sized kitchen.

How do you support your customers?

We offer more than just cooking appliances – we also offer a lot of know-how and support. In fact, Compact by Naboo is connected using wi-fi to the Lainox Cloud, where customers can download recipes that Lainox has developed with the help of a team of more than 50 chefs from around the world. The recipes include all the information you need to prepare a dish: the ingredients, cooking process, accessories and serving recommendations. We also provide the product’s history and other useful ideas to boost sales. Our ultimate goal is to guide our customers every step of the way, from the first step of choosing the menu to the last step of serving the guests.

Do you organise training courses and testing trials?

Yes, we do – although Compact by Naboo is very easy to use and learning how it works usually takes just a few minutes.

Tell us more about your customer service.

Lainox has worked hard recently to enhance and strengthen its after-sales customer service. The key factor in our customer service is that all of our appliances feature a wi-fi connection and are monitored in real time. If one of our products experiences a malfunction, we can connect to the machine instantly and have one of our customer service centres send out staff to fix the problem in just a few hours.

Flavia Fresia for Bargiornale.