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Naboo®: The First Cooking Device

Lainox presents its first oven 2.0. An appliance full of content to make the job of chef faster and easier, always with impeccable results.

Thanks to Lainox, every chef has a personal assistant: Naboo, the new generation of ovens that combine technology 2.0 and traditional know-how.

Presented at Host 2013, Naboo is always connected to the Lainox cloud by wi-fi: a gastronomic community that is just a click away to share suggestions and recipes with other chefs worldwide.

"Our ambiton is to create a new standard in combination ovens", explains Marco Ferroni Managing Director / General Manager of Lainox. "Up until now, these appliances / products have been steel boxes / cases with some technology. Now they have become full-bown devices that share information and knowledge with an international community of chefs. This is kitchen 2.0, an incredible way to keep up-to-date, find new sources of inspiration and more time to dedicate to your clients. Using recipes in the Cloud assures the maximum reliability and quality without limiting the creativity of the chef. It is also a great help in optimizing work in the kitchen when there are large numbers of meals to prepare."

Unique Functions

Even though the Cloud has put Naboo head and shoulders above traditional combination ovens, there are are series new features that make it a "must" for chefs who want to offer something new to their clients. The innovative Smokegrill assures grill cooking with all the advantages of a barbecue: favour, taste, smell, without the problems of smoke, soot and managing wood.

The smoking system means that this finish can be added the end of the cook time without any kind of combustion. The system for flavouring means that dishes can have a wide range of aromas added without manual labour.

Multi-level cooking is an incredible ally that reduces preparation times by up to 30%. With Naboo this cooking system is even easier, because the Cloud has various files for multi-level cooking. The function Just in Time indicates the correct times to insert different foods so that they are all ready at the same time.

The new automatic washing system utilizes multiple dose detergent capsules that are managed autonomously, eliminating problems of transportation errors in dosage or contact with harmful substances.

An Eye to Design

Naboo is also e design innovation.

While it was being studied, by emphasizing the lines and aesthetics of the product, Lainox wanted to underline the design qualities for which Italy is famous throughout the world. A large amount of work and research was done on the handles, that in some models, will be replaced with an automatic push-button opening which is very useful when both hands are occupied. The materials used were chosen for their elegance, quality, robustness and because they are easy to clean.

Thanks to a study in visual design, the user interface is more intuitive and easy to use. Great attention has also been paid to ergonomics to make the products easy to fit into every type of space and to make work flow easy and pleasant.


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Technology that cooks

Taylor Freezer Sales Company (TFSC) proudly announces its newest division in the food service program industry; Lainox Cooking Solutions-Mid Atlantic. The declaration is in tune with the revolutionary Naboo Combi Ovens, to be unveiled at a specially organized event "Technology That Cooks", at the At The Chef's Academy Cooking Center in North Carolina. A global leader in the food servicing that suits every business needs, the company would hold full distribution rights for the Naboo Oven. Taylor Freezer Sales Company has been serving the Virginia and North Carolina markets since 1943, and has carved a niche for itself by offerings such as Factory Trained Service Technicians, Specialty Foodservice Equipment and round-the-clock Customer Support.


The Chef's Academy (TCA) serves as a state-of-art cooking center, and the much awaited ‘Gastronomical’ affiliation is a great opportunity for the foodservice community and enthusiasts to explore the current happenings in the Industry. Entertainment by Ed Stephenson, the event is open for public and is slated for Monday, July 25th of July and will go on from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT). A splendid evening filled with gorgeous food demos, recipes, process, preparation system, cooking programs all in the latest in cooking technology is one the cards. A resplendent range of fantastic food and beverages, from the many booths are some other highlights of the much-awaited evening for the food servicing industry.


Taylor Freezer Sales Co.(TFSC) is the Exclusive Distributor and Service Agent for Taylor products in most of Virginia and North Carolina. Taylor Frozen Dessert Equipment produces the finest soft serve ice cream, yogurt, gelato and premium ice cream & custard. Other equipment would include Slush & Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Equipment, Frozen Cocktail Equipment, Direct Draw Milk Shake and Smoothie Equipment. Taylor’s High Capacity Clamshell Grills are designed for the Busiest of Restaurants. With Taylor equipment, specialty programs are designed for a quick Return on Investment


Taylor Freezer Sales Company will be featuring in The Chef’s Academy kitchens our “Best In Class” commercial kitchen equipment which features new technology for the foodservice industry:

Taylor 2 Sided Crown Series Grill- Revolutionary two-sided grilling cooks a frozen patty two-thirds faster than traditional flat grills. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure. Recipient of the Kitchen Innovations 2016 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, which recognizes cutting-edge foodservice equipment and technology.

Taylor Magna Blend –Faster, Smarter, Better, A Revolution in Blending

Taylor Batch Freezer-Ideal For Gourmet Ice Cream, Sorbet & Gelato

Broaster Pressure Fryer- State-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:



Lainox Cooking Solutions Mid Atlantic will be focusing on the highly anticipated Naboo oven, with its real cooking technology that is at the heart of the appliance. Lainox has put together a team of qualified professionals, employing the latest technology that simplify your business needs. It is more than just a cooking device, its every chef's’ very own a personal assistant. Its most exquisite feature is the Cloud, and it facilitates the process of cooking by providing ready suggestions, redefining the essential business needs necessary for excellent quality results that are uniform over time. The worldwide network of Lainox’s passionate gastronomic community serves as a source of valuable insights, suggestions and recipes. Using recipes in the Cloud assures the maximum reliability and quality without limiting the creativity of the chef.


Monday, July 25, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

The Chef's Academy - 2001 Carrington Mill Boulevard, Morrisville, NC 27560, United States


Taylor Freezer Sales Company/Lainox Cooking Solutions-Mid Atlantic, 2032 Atlantic Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23324


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