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Host 2017

From October 20th to 24th, Lainox is presenting the smallest and most efficient kitchen in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at the 40th edition of Host.

Hall 7, stand G28 H27. Join us here — where you can not only experience our many new products, but also watch and participate in an exciting cooking challenge every day. Come to the Naboo Arena to discover just exactly how this kitchen works. 

Just Duet is an innovative concept, that is based on the perfect synchrony between Naboo and Neo, our tried and tested multifunction ovens.

Every hour, throughout Host, our chefs will be put to the test of fulfilling a randomly selected visitor request such as creating a banquet, preparing an à la carte menu or whipping up a quick service pasta dish for 50-60 people. They will complete the challenge in less than 15 minutes and in just 2 square meters, using low power consumption.

Thanks to the Just Duet kitchen, our chefs will have no problem tackling this challenge.